Email # Nothing...

Haven't gotten one yet but I didn't really expect him to email as much as he has so it'll just be little surprises when I do get them. I'm praying the rain holds off for them so they can't get the hangar built!

OKAY, where's all the snow and sleet? What did you do with it? I had to come to work ON TIME today! What's up with that??

Well, you know how I always like trying new stuff out there and writing about it. I had gotten the ELF mineral makeup and it was okay, not the best. So I tried a different kind-OKAY I'LL GO AHEAD AND EMBARRASS MYSELF, I GOT IT AT walmart.... BAD KARA BAD KARA. You know that's cheap, why why why? Yes, it didn't last a week and my face was completely nasy broken out. Tossed that one. So then I had seen makeup at Costco and had wanted to try it and so I did. I will say to this day, my all time favorite kind it he Bare Essentials. But the Costco kind is next to that. It has a little sparkle in it and I like that. I like the glowy face! You get two in a pack of the powder and it's only $20. So until my face starts breaking out again, I'm sticking with that one. Also let me tell you, this is the SOFTEST brush I have ever felt in my life. I love the brushes. There was a girl standing there and I asked her if she used their makeup before and she said yes but she really liked the brush... she was right!

The next thing that I'm going to try tonight is a new face washing routine. Now, I don't really have a good one. In the morning I use something, don't even know the name of it. But then at night I have to wash my face with just water (and eye makeup remover) because my face dries out if I use the same wash twice a day. Well, my friend Veronica told me to go to and it walks you through a questionnaire (takes only 5 minutes). The girl talks to you so make sure you have your speakers on. But you click on what you want to improve and the problems you have currently with your skin and at the end it tells you what all you need to buy. I have smile lines. HATE THEM HATE THEM HATE THEM. I also have an "M" (my mom says that stand for mad-me mad?! LOL) right between my eyebrows. Well, what she prescribed will fix my issues and Veronica is living proof. I did my little survey and at the end it prints it out for you what you need to go and buy. So today I'll be picking that stuff up and trying it out. It can fix your crows feet, your lip wrinkles, your acne-all that nasty stuff. It will take about 4 weeks before noticing a change.