Friday Catch Up!

Here's my Friday catch up and just fun stuff!

I got some cute pink shoes and they matched perfectly with my purse I got after Christmas! (did I mention they were only $10?!)

One last date for Larry & I this weekend, where should we go?? I think Bonefish!

Our ladies minstry had a jewelry party last night and I came home and Larry said I spent too much money... hummm, surprised? I'll take a picture of what I got when I get it and put the website information up of the girl who flew in and did it. It's so way neato, I'm wanting to whle Larry is gone look into possibly doing it myself... like I have the time! Yea right!

I'm starting to brainstorm for Valentines Day for Larry. I want it to be good this year and I have some ideas!

>My goal for the next two weeks is to blog every day....

It was one year ago next week that I really took off with my blog... sounds like I should do a big drawing! More on that later!

I am starting a new canvas and I will take pictures each day of my progress. The progress begins Monday! I'm looking forward to having Monday off. Larry leaves early that morning.

I'M CHANGING MY HAIR... Yes, you read right. I have come to the conclusion that my hair grows WAY WAY WAY TOO FAST. And I wouldn't have a problem with that if I didn't color it the opposite color it's supposed to be! I'm not changing it much, I have decided to put DARK streaks in it to help with the roots not showing so bad. Yes, I know it won't help 100% but it will def help some.... I will post pics when that happens.


Amber Medlin said...

I can't wait to see your new look with your hair!!!! Exciting...I am thinking about doing something new also!!! I color mine dark and my blonde roots are coming in badly!!