God's Protection...

I had written this yesterday (Wednesday) and since then have found that several family members of those in our church have been killed from this terrible earthquake. There is also a man by the name of Frank Garlock with Majesty Music in SC (if any of you use to listened to or your kidos listen to "Patch the Pirate", this is his father-in-law). Go to the link provided if you have time. He went there last week on a missions trip and they have not heard from him.... please pray that he is ok.

Well, my neice and her dad were supposed to have left this morning on a missions trip to Haiti but was canceled due to the earthquakes. We are just so thankful right now for God's timing and how He protected them!

We have a guy here that's going on the missions trip with Larry and he's in the medical field. Well, he said there was a guy that called here from the US from Haiti that use to work in a local hospital begging for someone to come and rescue him. He said walking down the streets all you see is arms hanging out of collapsed buildings of people who are just begging to be pulled out and rescued. It's so sad. I'm so thankful for how God protects us each and every day.
UPDATE: We just got the phone all that Mr. Garlock was found and he is ok. He is currently with American Red Cross and they are just trying to get him back home. Thank you so much for your prayers!!!