It's Getting Closer...

My Larry reminded me that one week from today, he would be at the airport on his way to PNG. This whole weekend consisted of getting ready for that trip. This one is probably the hardest one they have been on. The trip one way will take 40 hours flying time. When they get there, they have to hop on another plane to fly to a village, then hike for 2 hours to where they will be building an airplane hanger. They will also have 2 doctors from our church going with them and they will also be doing medical care too. They will probably treat over 1,500 people while they are there. They have loads of meds they are taking with them-about 50 lbs worth.
Remember when Larry and I went to NC to ship off tools back in August-well they finanly arrived last week all except for two cabinets and I think they're full of the guys clothes... ha ha how funny would that be. They each only have 3 changes of clothes for the two weeks to conserve weight-they can wash their clothes there though.
Each guy has lost weight to go on this trip. The last leg of their trip-the plane can only hold 3,000 lbs. There are 14 men going and they have all lost weight. Some have lost anywhere from 5-60 lbs (the 5 being Larry, he really didn't have anything to lose). My brother is also going. This is his second missions trip, the first was to Mexico, let's just say that was a piece of cake compared to this one!!
This one will be a bit different for me. Last year Larry had internet service and we could email and skype and well, Papua New Guinea has NOTHING out there. Just bushes and well, more bushes.
More on this later...