Monday & Tuesday...


I dropped Larry off, came back home and started cleaning at 6:30 a.m. One room down 4 more to go!

I can honestly say I have never in my life before yesterday gotten blisters on my feet from shopping so much. Now, the shoes could have something to do with it but still, I think I was out way too long!

I met Loretta and her little Emma for dinner at Chick fil a. We had a great time just sitting there laughing about everything. I then came home and kept cleaning.


Back to work. Blah... I started missing Larry today. It's weird being together all day-every day and then all of a sudden him not being there. I stayed pretty busy. I could get use to this not working thing though!

Spent 30 minutes at lunch time trying to return some items at Kohl's... that took way too long but they gave me more money back than what I paid for the items, I'm talking $20 more, and I told them I didn't pay that much for them! Oh well, I was honest! Then ran to CFA again... it's an addiction, I'll admit it.

Revealed my identity to the person I prayed for these last few months. Met her at Mimi's Cafe along with our friend, Samantha. Then ran by Ross and while checking out I met a lady in line from SC. I love those Carolina folks...

Came home and attacked the BATHROOM. I have never cleaned or scrubbed a bathroom so much. Wow it's so way clean. I cleaned out every drawer, wiped every base board, cleaned out and wiped down the inside of the vanity, scrubbed the shower with bleach, scrubbed the floor, vacuumed the dust off of everything in the bathroom and I mean EVERYTHING including the WALLS ( I never knew a bathroom could get so dirty even when cleaning it often) and now I can honestly say, it would pass for white glove for real.

I then started on the closet in the guest bedroom. That's going to take several days.

It's now 11:39 p.m. and I can't remember the last time I stayed up this late.

I took my camera tonight to take pics and forgot the memory card at work. I'm so not coordinated. I want you to see how many trash bags I have just from cleaning out my closet and the bathroom cabinet and the SHOES I am throwing away that I don't wear anymore. Oh it hurts my heart but I'm in the throwing away mood-and I'm hoping it stays.

Good Night. Wow, tomorrow's Wednesday already?

I HEART Larry... can't wait till you come back to me.


Tammy said...

Girl I want you to un throw away all those shoes and send them home with mom!! You are banned from throwing anything away. I will have to send an empty suitcase with her.
Oh and when you are done white gloving your house can you come do mine. I so could use it.

Larry and Kara Wright said...

LOL! I thought about you... the shoes I threw away are so out dated and I knew you wouldn't wear them, trust me I will send anything your way that I think you'll wear :) I'll be happy to come down to FL!!

Tammy said...

Oh I think that would be great. Lets tell Mom to stay put and you just fly down instead.
Its a good thing I don't live next door or I would be having to do some dumpster diving thru your
Larry does look like a little kid that was so funny. I thought for a second Adam got a hold of his head. I am so glad they made it safe. Now lets just hope he doesn't come home with a bone thru his nose!!!HA

Larry and Kara Wright said...

NO LIE! My neighbor digs through our trash!!!! She told us that several times. She's like "you got some good trash!" I'm thinking "oh that's gross and kind of freaky at the same time."

BTW, just went to Target on my lunch break and they got some AWESOME deals. I got an argyle sweater for $6 and another shirt for $4. Then two button up cardigans for 12.98 each. I saw it on one of the deal blogs. They said the kids clothes were dirt cheap!