I got an email from Larry this morning and they made it to PNG! Yay for them. He said the last plane ride (the one that would only hold 3000 lbs) was rough and some had to take meds so they wouldn't get sick and only one got sick. I don't think it was Larry but not sure. He said everything was going well and they're are getting to work. He'll email more later with more details.

I laugh because I had two people mention that the picture of Larry from Monday morning makes him look like he's a little kid leaving for his first day of school. It's so true! He does look like that. My mom said she knows if we have a little boy what he's going to look like!

This was an early caffeine day. My one for the day has already been spent. I guess I can't stop at CFA and get a big DDP. Can I splurge since Larry's gone?? My head was hurting probably since I went to bed so late. I have so much I need to do.

My MIL is coming in Saturday and I need to go to the grocery store and I need to attack my next room in the house tonight after church. It's going to be another late nighter. I need to get dog food for both doggers. Sierra's been eating Sedona's and she's almost out. I CAN'T PICK UP THAT BIG BAG OF DOG FOOD. YOU KNOW HOW MUCH IT WEIGHS??? Oh well, I'll grab a cart... problem solved. I just don't know exactly which one we get. Larry always picks it up and I don't pay no attention to that. If I don't get the right one, let's just say Sedona's stomach is sensitive. She gets pretty gassy, NO JOKE! They are POTENT. Now you would be surprised but Sierra's is too. She's def a little stinker.

You should see me trying to walk two dogs at the same time... or maybe you shouldn't.


The Wagner Family said...

Glad they made it okay.

Listen, Mom's a doer. She loves to help. So don't do too much before she gets there because she would love to help out while you're at work. Just start making lists and she'll be happy! She came over yesterday to help me.

Wish I was coming with her!