Thursday... 1 AM

Yes I'm writing this post for Wednesday on Thursday at 1 a.m. Why? I have no idea really. I'm not that sleepy and I just finished cleaning my kitchen and living room. I just have to vacuum the living room, steps and my room and I'm done until the weekend.


Today I worked until 4:30 then ran home to let the dogs out, cleaned a bit then ran back for visitation dinner and visitation. I got to go out with good friends of mine that I work with, Melanie and Veronica. Melanie's husband is on the PNG trip.

I volunteered to stay in the nursery while Larry was gone if they needed me so I held the little ones tonight.
After church, Tina and I ran to CFA to get some ice cream, then I wanted fries... so I got em'.

We're getting a snow/ice storm but not sure how bad on Friday. They say it could cause delays on Friday morning or even closings! Friday's my half day so I may go ahead and get my Friday stuff done tomorrow just in case!

Well, my eyes are getting heavy, I'm sure I'll have black circles tomorrow.