Happy Sweetheart Day! #2

(Pictures of the hair in post below this one)
Okay so as I was saying, had the hair done at 3:30 by a guy (yes, I think guys are the GREATEST hair stylist even though they are a little sweet, some of them) that cut my hair a year ago and he did an AWESOME job. He took so much time doing my hair and did EXACTLY what I wanted. So I told him what I wanted and he did it in under two hours.

After that I ran to a store in the mall, got a dress and jewelry for our evening together. Then I ran to the car (YES I REALLY DID RUN AND I LOOK SO RIDICULOUS) and called Macaroni Grill to order our dinner, my PHONE DIES WHILE I'M ON HOLD. Well, so I drove over there to order the food since it was so close, parked in my own made up parking spot and ran it, ordered the food, ran to Wal-Mart while it was cooking then came back to pick it up. I know Larry was wondering where I was in all this time but I couldn't call him, didn't have my car charger, it was in the truck! I did tell him it was going to be a while but didn't know it was going to take this long. Ok, then ran to get the food, ran out to the car (dropped my credit card somewhere in the midst of all this but didn't know it) then went home. I was a mess, LITERALLY. I drove up, honked the horn so he knew I was home, walked in the door and just cried. I really wanted this evening to be so nice and well put together and instead, it wasn't-to me but it still went fine. So then I told him to dress up and I would dress up and we would have dinner downstairs. So here it was.

Our Menu:
Mama's Trio
Caesar Salad
Cheesecake with chocolate and caramel topping

I used my great-grandmother's glasses to drink out of. They are so special to me!
I wanted the tablecloth all ironed out, the table moved into the living room with the fire going but it just didn't happen. I ran out of time. I still had to get ready once I got home and finish his gifts and wrap them. Oh well, it was still nice. This year we wanted to do something different. Larry told me to do whatever I wanted to do so I did! We always go out and this year I thought since it was going to be crazy everywhere since everybody has cabin fever and Valentines Day that it would be crazy. AND it was, even on Saturday. The parking was nuts. There so much snow piled up that it's taking parking spots and so everywhere I went, I just parked wherever there was space enough to park. I actually really like doing it this way this year, next year maybe I'll come up with something different again!

He got me pearls for Valentines Day! I was so surprised! I had wanted a real pair for a little while and these are beautiful. These actually aren't the ones I'm keeping. He had ordered some but they haven't come in yet so he went and bought some so I would have something to open and then we'll take them back. But I loved them!

So here's my dress in all these pictures that I wore today to church!

I love the fact that Larry and I have a marriage that is sweet... that is very important to us. Yesterday when we were away for several hours it was just weird not doing everything with him. Now you understand how I feel when he's gone on a missions trip! But that's definitely ok! It's rare that we are ever away from each other for more than an hour or two (but that's because we work together, I know one day it won't be that way!)and I love it!!! I'm so blessed to have a husband that is so good to me, more than I will ever deserve!

He's so way cheesin here....
He even got to preach this morning since Pastor was out of town, I love hearing my Larry preach!

Ok, so then nice evening, he got me beautiful flowers, I'll take a picture of those tomorrow. I feel like my whole weekend has been a world wind. Tomorrow I will post the flowers, a book I'm reading, what I got Larry for Valentine's Day and anything else I can think of... Happy Valentines Day!

Oh yea, so I had no clue that I lost my credit card until BB&T called me late last night to tell me that someone had found it, called and canceled it for me. That was so nice of them, it could have been bad!


Tammy said...

Love the hair and the dress. What a great idea for Valentines. Did you find the Credit card?

Larry and Kara Wright said...

Well, BB&T called us and told us that it was found and someone called in and canceled. That's when I heard it was missing, they had to call and tell me!