Happy Sweetheart Day!

Well, there's so much to post about. Yesterday Larry and I ran out to lunch then went our separate ways for about 4 hours. I hadn't told him what I was doing, just that I would call when with instructions-bad idea... my phone died RIGHT before I was going to call him.

First thing, I ran and got a spray on tan. I did this several years ago and loved it. So I thought I would do it for our little date last night and just to do something to improve myself, it was fun! Ummmm, I think I turned the wrong way and it sprayed my face twice, so if it looks a bit orange to you, that's why. Then I ran to pick up a few things to finish his gifts. Then went and got my hair done. Here's the pictures... It's not a drastic change but I told him to put my natural hair color back in so that my roots won't show so bad as well as putting lighter blond in it.... I was VERY happy with it, he did a great job. He also trimmed it VERY LITTLE. Now in the picture it looks a lot lighter than it is. I'll try to take a picture of it straight and without the flash tomorrow.

This is a little too up close for me but you can see how clear my face is!!!


The Wagner Family said...

LOVE the color!

Amber Medlin said...

Holy WOW!!! You hair and face look great!!!! I love your hair! You are so beautiful!!!

Sara said...

Your hair looks amazing! I wish I could get mine to curl like that.