Monday at Home!

Today it's beautiful outside, the sun is out and the snow is BRIGHT and we are HOME! We are planning on running out to grab a bite to eat here in a little... I just had a few pictures to show you! Yay for snow days!!!

Check out the snow on top of our grill....

This is a little boat that Larry brought back from Papau New Guinea for his office... it's not staying on my mantle, it just hasn't made it's way there yet...

I will take pics of stuff he brought back for me later today!

These are my new pillows I bought for my couch! I bought them at WAL-MART for only $11 a piece. They have a new line out called home trends and they have some VERY cute stuff! I know Wal-Mart stuff doesn't hold up as well as other stuff but I figured I would get tired of them before they wear out!

Check back later today for my next DRAWING!


Wendy said...

Glad you got a blizzard day!