Monday Catch Up...

Since I haven't done my Friday catch ups the past two weeks, I thought I would do one tonight. So here we go...

I had a GREAT time with my MIL... she flew back tonight :(

We had a ladies' night out at Olive Garden tonight. Loretta came by and picked me up and we had LOADS of fun!

My house, closets, drawers, cabinets, everything in my house is so clean and organized thanks to my MIL. I got moved out of my closet (most of my stuff, I had to leave some because I ran out of room in the other one) and I now have a very organized walk in closet!

We got about 4 inches of snow Saturday!

We almost got hit in the snow. We were driving along and this guy in front of us lost control, started spinning in front of us going into our lane and ran us off the road. He came within inches of slamming into us. The ironic thing... he already had this HUGE dent in his little civic. He didn't need to be on the road let's just say.

We took Larry's mom to the Fractured Prune. I brought my camera but no memory card... I have a bad habit of doing that.

I am LOVING my Oil of Olay face wash, moisturizer and cream. My face is so much clearer and smoother.

We took a half day today. We went to Wegman's for lunch then off to the airport.

Seriously, I didn't watch any of our fave shows while Larry was gone because I had NO TIME. We stayed so busy! Now as I speak, we're catching up on the Mentalist. He's so funny....

Got some neat stuff that Larry brought back for me from PNG... I'll have to take pics....

It's so nice having Larry back home. Real nice. I love you Larry.

I'm so confused on my days but I think that's all I need to catch up on!


The Wagner Family said...

maybe i'll have to try the oil of olay next!