My parents had gotten snow this past weekend when we did but they had something we didn't... my dad's classic little three wheeler. I had a blue one of these when I was little. Growing up we always had three and four-wheelers and would go to the beach and ride them. My dad, brother, uncle and grandpa even traveled with other family members to Oklahoma to ride the dunes. They had AWESOME pictures. Well, now the only one my dad has is the little three wheeler. He's kept it for his grand kids to ride one day but until then... both my parents are getting good use out of it. This picture was of my dad pulling kids from our church that live in the neighborhood and they were having a BLAST!

We are getting snow right now as I write this. We're supposed to get 3-6 inches tonight and this weekend we could get up to 20 inches again. Oh my! We haven't had this much snow in a long time!! I will say...

I love the fact that tomorrow I probably won't have to go in to work at normal time, I'll just have to go in to type out Pastor's sermon and get ready for maybe our ladies' Bible study on Thursday. That's what I love about living in Virginia... you just never know what you're going to get when they call for snow! It's so fun sitting inside and looking out the window at BEAUTIFUL falling snow... sometimes I just love living here!!!