More PNG Pictures...

Here are more pictures from Larry's PNG trip. Enjoy! I think the kids are just so adorable there, I wish he could have packed one in his bag to bring back!

Here's Kenneth and Matt, the missionary.

Here are the Allen girls. They walk around bare footed all the time just like the nationals. So cute! They LOVE it there!

This is Kenneth with the officer that brought the baby into his home. Please pray that he accepts Christ very soon!

More of the hangar going up...

Here's the national pastor baptizing some of those who were recently saved...
Pastor asked him "Aren't you going to change into some different clothes?" He said "Why, this is he river we wash our clothes in." This is the local river everyone comes to do their "laundry."

Here's little Larry. They had just given him a jolly rancher and he was SO excited to get it!
My Larry said that when they were working on the hangar, there was metal and wood laying around and little Larry had just picked up a piece of metal and started playing with it-never seeing this stuff before. Well, my Larry noticed that he was playing with it and he was cutting his hand so he grabbed a little bolt and let him play with that. He hung onto that bolt all day long and just played with it.You can see the bolt in his hand in the picture below with Kenneth.

Every time they had services, people would bring in the most beautiful flowers (you can see them on the back wall). They were HUGE and so pretty. They really enjoyed making their church look pretty for services.

The guy with the stick-this is funny. He would show people where to sit when they came in-the women on one side and the men on the other. If any of the kids would act up he would walk over with the stick, tap them and tell them to straighten up.

This is the bridge they had to walk across which gave way while they were there. They had to rebuild it several times.

So much rain!!!!!!!!! They kept their tools under the shed you see in the back.

Here are the guys at one of their meals at the Allen's house.