Keep Your Retainer!!!

I remember watching on Father of the Bride when she was packing her room up to move out that she threw her retainer away... where is this post heading? Wait... so I took that as the time to get rid of my retainer-when I got married. But for some odd reason, it never ended up getting thrown away. After I had my braces off, I got a permanent upper and lower retainer. Well, they both broke off about 6 months ago for some wacko reason. I FLIPPED OUT when my upper one broke off. You know why? I have something like a gap the size of the Grand Canyon between my two front teeth (which was why I got braces in the first place). I just want to personally thank my parents for letting my get braces. You will never understand how GRATEFUL I am. Larry may have never married me if I still had my gap. So I was really worried that the gap would open up but after the first few days after my permanent retainer breaking off, they hadn't moved yet. So I've just been watching my two front ones and this morning I noticed a hair-line gap............WOE WOE WOE! That can't happen NO NO NO! So I started to panic because when I cleaned every single drawer out back in January, I had the case but no retainer. There was only one place to look and I thought I had already cleaned and vacuumed there but I prayed this morning that God would just please please please let it be there. I moved my night stand (I know, you're thinking "oh gross", I didn't care if it had junk on it I was finding that thing) AND THERE IT WAS. My beautiful purple retainer of 10 wonderful years of my life. I have never been so happy to see that thing EVER!!!!!!
When I went to the dentist last week, he told me to get new retainers (I told him I didn't think I had mine) so I knew it was probably a good idea to keep wearing them even now.
Ahhhh, I will never be so happy to pop that thing in tonight!


aimymichelle said...

oh gosh i don't think i could ever not wear my retainers that would be horrible. even after just not wearing them for a day my teeth start to shift its not cool. im glad you found one

Wendy said...

I used to grind my teeth in my sleep from stress -- wonder why I was stressed LOL--so my dentist made a nightguard for me. It fits my teeth and keeps them from shifting. So if you desperately need something, that's an option! It would have save us over $1,000 in dental bills if I had done it sooner! Ugh!