We've Been Semi-Lazy...

I CRACK UP at this picture. Larry is laying there with a pillow on top of him and she decides to come lay beside him and she's holding part of the pillow off of her with her little paw... crazy crazy crazy girl.


I grabbed my camera really fast and then realized the auto focus wasn't on but you can still see it pretty well. She's just hanging out in between my millions of pillows on our bed.

Sedona HATES having her picture taken... that's why we don't have as many of her... Sedona's really our FAVORITE :)

The weather is absolutely beautiful here today. I went walking and I think we're going to take the dogs here in a little while. We ran to Costco this morning, ran other errands then came home and have been lazy the rest of the day. It's been nice considering our week we didn't get home every night until late.


Jessica said...

girl! I need your email... email me at chapmanfamily7@gmail.com

love you!