My New Bible...

I have been begging Larry for months to get a GOOD Bible. One that's made out of calfskin and wide-margin. I have several Bibles but I wanted one that I could pass on to my daughter one day that had notes in it. I know one day when we're at a church of our own, when I start doing Bible studies I will really need the notes and such. I have notes in all of my Bibles but I want just one that I use all the time, everyday. So!!!!!! Last week Pastor & Susan were in CO speaking/preaching at a mission's conference and a guy there was selling these Bibles. He came back with one and I saw it and about flipped out! I have been looking for one of these can I say FOREVER?! They were all $150 and I just couldn't drop that kind of money on one. But this guy sells them for only $55!!! I just ordered mine and CANNOT wait until it comes in. Mine actually has just one column of text and the other column is blank... I'm so excited to finally have a good Bible! Now I'll look just like my Larry walking around with this giant Bible!

Here's where I ordered it from!