Being Healthy Kills You!

So I'm on week two of eating healthy... it's not so bad! We went to Costco yesterday and bought all this healthy stuff. It's a rip being healthy! It's costs way too much... $78 worth of healthy food! Ouch! And not one sugar filled item was bought in that $78!

I ran upstairs yesterday and grabbed my camera to take a pic of everything and by time I got downstairs, Larry had started putting it away. He didn't know I was wanting to show my bloggy friends all my goods. Oh well, I'll show you this one thing I got and I can't keep my hands out of. It's this berry mix with almonds, pistachios, cherries and craisins and some other nut. IT'S OUT OF THIS WORLD GOOD. For once I can't keep my hands out of something healthy!

Today for lunch we went out with several couples, there were about 2o of us! We had a blast. We are always with the college kids so we thought we would go out with some people our age and we had a great time! We'll try that more often!


Mom said...

Good for you Luv Bug!! Proud of you!
Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Kara, I started eating healthy as well, and its sooo hard, not to mention very pricey! Good luck, maybe we should do daily blogs so we have some support, and not cave to the sweets. :-)