A Day in the Ministry...

I'm participating in Kelly's "What's Your Typical Day Like?" this week so I thought I would just write a little what our "typical" day consists of..Each day could be different or it could be about the same.

Each morning we wake up at 5:20 a.m. We set an alarm clock but really, Sierra is our alarm these days! Although she's gotten better about not waking up and licking our faces at 4 a.m. I go and exercise for 45 minutes while Larry reads. I ride the bike for 30 mins (it use to be 45 mins. but I wanted Larry to have more time so I cut back on the bike so he can jump on) then I spend 15 mins. doing aerobic exercises and run the stairs. I do my aerobic and stairs exercises twice a day. I then start getting ready, it takes me 45 mins. to get ready if I know what I'm wearing. Normally I don't know until it's time to get dressed, then that takes an extra 15. I now have the time to iron both mine and Larry's clothes which I have always wanted to do but never had the time until recently. I then grab his breakfast, make our lunch, take the dogs for a walk and we are out the door by 7:35 (as Larry eats his breakfast on the way) to be at work at 7:50 for morning devotions. We break for lunch at 11 or 12 (depending on what day it is). We then leave at 5, sometimes go grab a bite to eat, run errands, come home, let the doggers out, turn on our favorite shows, I BLOG and then I exercise some more. That's a NORMAL day of the week.

There are times we make hospital visits, Wednesday nights are visitation, some weekends we have activities but I won't go into great detail there.Wednesdays are our long days. We are at church until 9:00 p.m. usually. Sundays of course we have am and pm services with a little nap in between. When the summer gets here, hold on tight, it gets CRAZY!

As I have mentioned before, our church takes 5 missions trips a year as we are VERY missions minded. We currently have 10 families that have been called out of our church that are either on the mission field or are raising support for the field! Our missions trip this year looks like Honduras. As of right now (which it can always change) we will be taking couples!! I'm so excited, I've never been on a trip with just couples, it's always been teens or college kids. Which they're great too, don't get me wrong! The best part I've heard about this trip, it's a nice 66-73 degrees EVERY DAY! I don't have to sweat and be nasty all day and to me, that sounds OH SO NICE.

This is the Williams family, they have never had a group come and visit them so they are really looking forward to having their FIRST group come!


Claire said...

Wow, you are an early riser! Sounds like a busy and fun day!