Doesn't Get Better than FREE!

Okay, so I posted about the desk that I was wanting to get. I had my eye on this now for two weeks... and I just told Larry about it a few days ago that I had been working this lady down from $175 for a week now. I kept thinking about it and just didn't want to bug Larry about it because I have been looking for a desk for a while now and we thought about WAITING until we had a bigger place.

But I just happen to come across this one and I couldn't keep my mind off of it kinda like clothes or shoes etc... but this was worse. So I prayed and prayed about it because I didn't want to be the "continual dropping" the Bible speaks of! So he was thinking about it and today I got this email from the owner after I told her that Larry was thinking about it...

Tell ya what…take it for FREE! It’s all yours. And I really, really, don’t mind giving it away.

That should make the husband happy!

Let me know if it’ll fit.

If not, I’m going to repost on Freecycle. (not Craig’s list).

I checked my email at lunch today and about fell out of my chair...

Thank you Lord for answering my prayer above and beyond what I asked for!


Sara said...

Wow! That's amazing! I love how God works in the most mysterious ways :)