I May be MIA...

So the month of April is DEFINITELY hoppin'! We just finished with our cantata, Larry is designing the website due this Friday (ha wow!), Missions Conference in two weeks, he's in charge of designing all of the stuff for that, he's got two ordinations he's gotta attend in two weeks, and then the Ladies luncheon is May 1! YIKES! CRAZY CRAZY!! We're planning on taking a "mini" vacation somtime this summer since our real vacation won't be until October cuz we're definitely going to need it!
So you may not see as many posts as you normally do but I will try to keep up my norm. Last night Larry and I drove to Maryland to pick up my desk!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It was bigger than I thought which was even better! That way if I want to a desktop computer, I can!
I'll post pictures once we get it up in the room. I have some painting in the room and rearranging to do sometime soon! Maybe while Larry is busy doing all this other stuff, I can paint, we already have the paint, it's just getting time to do it!