Florida Bound...

Larry and I are headed to Florida in the next couple of weeks and I CANNOT WAIT! We are getting a beach house and will be able to spend time with his family too. So excited... let me tell you!

Ok, I'm sitting here watching 24 and the torturing is HARSH-but go Jack. Too bad it's the last season LOL. I'm not too sad though.

Tomorrow I have my second cake class. Ummm, I've made two batches of icing and there's not a lot left ha! Wonder why! So here's my cake-all I needed to do was ice it so that tomorrow night we can decorate it. I just sat down for the first time all day at 9:45 to blog and I'm tired!

I know you can't see it that well, Larry took this picture and he's not really concerned about showing the details!


The Wagner Family said...

We are soooo excited you're coming down!!