My Day so Far...

Called the airlines at 5:20 am, Reason: I forgot to give specific instructions for someone's flight.
Woke up sick as a dog this morning, Reason: I ate too much icing from making my cake last night. GO FIGURE, WHAT A SHOCKER
Ran out of icing, Reason: I ate too much of it therefore I don't have enough for class tonight.
Ran to the store during lunch and home, Reason: to make more icing
Ran back to work and cleaned up the office floor, Reason: I spilt my ENTIRE bag of pretzels everywhere.
Seriously, my brain can only handle so much.... Friday can't come any faster!


Jessica said...

Kara, I'm in Annandale Va for the week, are you too busy this week that maybe we could meet for dinner or something? email me and let me know!!

Sara said...

Girl you have a major sweet tooth to eat that much icing lol! My favorite is to dip animal crackers in the icing..yum!

Larry and Kara Wright said...

oh yumm, that reminds me of the dunkaroo's they use to have in the stores!