Helmet & Pearls-Check

Today we decided to do the Harley rental that I gave Larry back on Valentine's Day! Yes this was my first time riding with Larry. My dad had a motorcycle growing up but I never got past the front yard on it with him. We had a lot of fun although I'm not sure I had the proper attire... for some reason I think I was over-dressed for the occasion! I didn't care though. We were going out to dinner on the beach so I wanted to look somewhat normal.

Tomorrow Tammy, Jenny the kids & Larry's parents are coming over to spend the day with us. I'm really looking forward to tomorrow and getting to spend time with them. I think I could live in Florida!!

Here's our house we're staying in!


Tammy said...

Love it...hope you guys had fun. Can't wait to see you tomorrow.

Mom said...

What??? You were both riding a motorcycle and you didn't tell me??? I was suppose to be worrying!! Seriously, thanks for not telling or I really would have worried. You know how much I hate those things. Glad you had fun - pearls and all!

Heather Wheelock - missionary in Ecuador said...

I think you look GREAT for motorcycle riding! Don´t worry about it, I rode one in a wedding dress once :-)