Flower Crazy...

Well, I am backing up to our trip to Florida for this post because I wanted to share what I've been up to since then in the midst of EVERYTHING else going on. When I went to Florida, Tammy showed me how she makes her hair flowers. These were so much faster to make than the fabric ones (which I will come back to those later in this post) and I thought maybe it would just make more since for Tammy and I do it together as a business. So since I've been back I've been going to consignment shops, calling, emailing and getting the word out. It's HARD WORK! Man! It really is. But I must say, I'm having fun.

They (who in the world is the "they" people) have passed this new law in which anything you sell for kids has to be lead free. So I'm having to get all of these certificates from every place I order my stuff from so that I don't get sued!