My New Toy, My Old Habit...

I got this delivered to me yesterday. Larry has one and I really liked playing the games on his and the opportunity came to where I could get one.. FREE. Nice! So here I am yet with another electronic and have no clue really how to make it work as neato as it's supposed to. I'll figure it out kind of like the whole blogging thing.

I have FINALLY kicked a habit that I've needed to for ummmm 4 years now. Larry and I both just one day kicked the old habit of sodas. How we decided that, no clue. We just went one day without one-not on purpose and then decided to see how long we could go. It's been almost 2 weeks and I'm getting use to it. I'm down to one a week. Can I tell you that for some odd reason, I'm a much happier person. I just believe that caffeine affects me the wrong way. I also kicked my caffeine free just so I won't crave the taste and grab one whether it's caffeine free or not.

So I'm saving my teeth, my insides and most importantly, my good attitude :)

Tomorrow I am going to Cupcake Heave to show off my flowers!


The Wagner Family said...

Double AWESOME - for the i-phone and kicking the soda habit! Totally jealous of the i-phone.