Keeping In Touch...

Out of all of my college friends, the one I keep up with the most is Julie! Julie and I met our freshman year but weren't friends. She left college then came back and we were roommates our senior year. How crazy is that? We became very close our senior and were in each other's weddings! Julie is SO good with keeping in touch and anytime I'm in NC we try to see each other but it doesn't always work out. This time they came on their vacation for a few days and we had a blast catching up.

Julie is have her second little girl at the end of August. Morgan will be 3 in October! She and Jeff got married three weeks before Larry and I did. I love Julie and her heart. She is the one that has always done right now matter what. I'm SO proud of how far Julie has come since our freshman year. We both have!

Thank you for coming Jeff, Julie & Morgan! We look forward to seeing ya'll in July!