Like I Need Something Else...

Yes, I'm adding ANOTHER thing to my plate and I have no clue why because I'm just going to get flustered but I want to, so I am.

I just got my first photography book. I'm a beginner for sure. I asked the guy here at our school who teaches photography classes what was a good beginner book. So he brought me one and here it is. It's an older edition but it's great for learning all the basics.

I got my camera almost a year ago and have just played around with it, haven't learned anything about it except the on and off button! The other day Larry and I were out looking at land and I saw this BEAUTIFUL little pond with an old wooden dock, yellow flower surrounding it and an old wodden ladder dropping down into the water. I wished so bad I had my camera... so this weekend when we go back out, I'm definitely taking it. My friend Christy has an awesome camera too so we're going to go out shooting together one day. I love old barns, ponds surrounded with flowers, open fields, and so much more for taking pictures. I'm dying to get better, it's just up to me to make myself better.