One of the Nine...

Last night I was up and down with Sierra all night-yes, I believe this is JUST LIKE HAVING A CHILD. Oh Boy. She got sick again throughout the night. SIX times last night the little monster
woke up so sick. She couldn't keep anything down.

So, I said Ok, I'm calling the vet. Took her in, they did all this blood work, X Ray, etc. I'm sitting there waiting for all the test results and X Ray to come back and all I could do was sit there and think it was what they told me it could be. Their breed can have liver issues and she threw that out at me. So I'm sitting here by myself and before long, I'm sitting there thinking there's no way I can replace her YES IT'S JUST A DOG, I KNOW, BUT IT'S MY LITTLE MONSTER, the monster that makes me laugh, the monster that sleeps with us every night, the monster that always gives me kisses on my face, the monster that burps so LOUD after every meal she eats, the monster that I say her name about 500 times a day with the word 'No' attached to it, the monster that loves food JUST AS much as I do. They don't make but ONE monster, and that's Sierra, my Sierra.

I sat there and prayed for peace knowing God was in control, even when it comes to our little pets. An hour had passed and I was STILL sitting there. I finally got up, went out the the receptionist and told them I had to go that I had been there over an hour by now. Finally then the doctor came back and showed me the results. And... everything was fine. I was worked up for nothing.

Then came the bill. The BIG bill. She told me the total and I was in shock. I don't even remember grabbing my credit card, I just kept thinking "how am I going to tell Larry how much it cost?" I went out to my car and just sobbed. I couldn't believe how much it cost. I couldn't go and tell Larry that... I wanted to hide so bad. So I went back to the church with Sierra to find Larry, I couldn't wait any longer and he wasn't even there. I called him twice, he didn't answer. I cried to one of my co-workers then went and took her home. The day went on, I got Larry on the phone of course balling and he thought I had gotten bad news on Sierra but nope, it wasn't that! Larry was really good about it, honestly.

I got back to my desk and it hit me... I was too busy looking at the negative side of the cost and also so thrilled that nothing was wrong with her that I forgot to thank the Lord for answering my prayers and keeping Sierra healthy. I was one of the nine lepers who forgot to go back and thank the Lord.

I think she's feeling better! She's back to playing now.