Almost 4 Years Later...

The tree that you see in each picture on the left are the same.

Tonight we went out with friends (I'll post more on that tomorrow night) and took them to a seafood place that was near the Inn where Larry and I had our wedding pictures taken and also where we stayed our first night of our honeymoon. AND!! I had my little camera! But the battery died after a few pictures. But we were able to get a picture in the same general area as the wedding picture. The sets of stairs in both pictures are the same. We were sad because the Inn has closed down and is for sale for the second time since we were there. It's all grown up, the gazebo that we took pics in front of is no longer there. I told Larry that I wish they would open it for one day so we could stay there on our anniversary next month to celebrate our 4 years!

PS: This was when we were on our honeymoon in AZ. Since this picture, I have not cut my hair except for a trim. I can't believe how long it has grown! But, it has been four years! Wonder how much longer I can go? No too much, YIKES!