This Describes My Day...

We have kind of started a tradition that on Saturday mornings we get up and run to Shoppers for a donut (for Larry). I usually get a butter biscuit at Chic Fil A drowned in honey to make my conscience feel better. I just know those donuts are LOADED IN FAT. Every once in a while I'll eat on though, I won't lie. This morning I woke up at 6 am and walked 4 WHOLE miles. My legs hurt, I'm getting old. I've just noticed that the bike isn't helping much in getting rid of my sugar fat-HA! so I've started walking.

So after we got back this afternoon I've started making loads of flowers for my 3rd shop that will be selling them. Whew, I think I'm about flowered out! I took tons of pictures today and my hand I think has developed arthritis in taking so many pictures. I'm not young like I use to be... sad :(