5 Question Friday!

Happy Friday everyone!!! Here is this week's edition of 5QF. If you would like to play along, head over to My Little Life and link up!

1. What were your school colors? Green & White-high school

2. What's the best compliment you have ever received? You hair is beautiful curly like that (me, I don't think so)

3. Do you buy cheap or expensive toilet paper? We buy Costco brand which is GREAT but Larry says we definitely can't buy the cheap kind-it tends to be a little too rough LOL (or thin! LOL)

4. Have you ever had a surprise party thrown for you? Of have you had one for someone else? I have done both-my parents threw me a surprise 16th and I threw my parents a surprise 25th anniversary-both pulled off PERFECTLY!

5. What is the one material possession that you "can't live without"? My lipstick-I die if I ain't got my dark lips-that's who I am.