It's HOT!

Today it got up to 104 degrees! WOWZERS! And would you believe that I RAN (and walked LOL) 4 miles in it? I cant! Ha! I just kept pouring water down the front of my shirt to keep my cooled down.

So today I made 20 hair flowers, painted a sign, cleaned the house, washed clothes, made cookies then off to dinner at our friends' house. We had a great time with them! I am pooped from today though. Tomorrow afternoon we gotta pack-I always pack way too much and to think this time I gotta pack all my flower stuff....sigh!

You can see on the right strand of flowers on the sign I have fall flowers! I've had stores asking for my fall line-I guess it's never too early huh? They're actually fun to make. I love fall colors and there's just so much you can do with them.

And.... Drum Roll PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! Here it is! Paid in full-the title to our car! Yay!