Ahhh I Love My Home...

Today we got up and drove to NC after the morning service at camp. Tomorrow morning my dad's work will be having a retirment party for him and it'll be his LAST day. Wow, I can't believe it. I asked him if it'll be weird leaving work for the very last time after 30 years-uh YEA!
Sedona comes in tonight, can't wait to see her. She's such an angel. I miss her. I did find out that Sierra bit a friend of the Bennett's the other night at their house. Ooops, she's never done that. Guess we'll have to work on that when we get home. What a mess.
Tonight we're going to eat at our favorite pizza place here in Raleigh, Miltons. Then right accross the street from there is Goodberry's ice cream. I told Larry I was going there at least once while I'm home.
I had my Bojangles twice this week. Yummy.