Happy Retirement Day, Daddy!

Today was my daddy's retirment party at work. I could just write 10 pages about today and what all was said at his party. I took so many videos, pictures and ate a lot too! Here are some pictures from this morning's party. Today is my daddy's LAST day at work-he worked there for 33 years, NEVER USED A SINGLE SICK DAY in his 33 years of work. Wow! He had over a year of sick days saved up he could use.

You can't have a good retirmenet party without Bojangles!!

The Mayor came to the party!!

My family and my grandparents (my daddy's parents). My Pa retired 25 years ago!

My parents...

Me & my daddy!

Daddy with his parents...

Talking to his buddies at work for the last time!
And did he work today????? Yes he did!

Look who is back! I missed her!


Wendy said...

Tell you dad "congrats" for me! Glad you got to be down there for the party.