Being a Kid Again...

I have to tell ya'll, I had the most fun tonight I have had in a long time! We went over to our friend's Victor & Tina's house tonight and they had a HUGE water slide, volleyball, four wheelers, fireworks, trampoline and I just felt like a kid again. These were all the things I had growing up and I just had loads of fun. Here's some pictures from today...

They gave me this hat and I had NOT CLUE it had Obama on it, they were cracking up and I thought they were just laughing at the cheesy hat! Nope! They got me!

Larry & my Daddy!

Tina & Me

Here's the AWESOME water slide! We had so much fun on this thing, I wish I had room to put one in my backyard! Only if I had a backyard! LOL

Leslie & Me-Leslie is the girl who does all the decorating for weddings-she did all my decorations and she's so talented. We are planning on going into business sometime this year together and do decorating and wedding coordinating together.

This is little McKenna. She was trying out the trampoline for the first time so I was jumping with her.

And here's the volleyball! I just didn't get a picture of us riding four wheelers! Oh well. We ended the night with tons of fireworks and finally got home around 11:00 tonight. Whew! LONG day, but so much fun celebrating the 4th!