Signs GALORE...

Today we went to eat with my parents before they left. We're stuck on Ledo Pizza. We LOVE that stuff for some reason! It's so bad for you but so yummy! Then on the way back we stopped by AC Moore to pick up flowers and canvases. Whew! We even brought Sierra in there with us since we had her. She went and spent the night with the Bennett's since we had a long day yesterday.

All of the shops that I'm putting them in are wanting the canvas for display. So I've been painting AWAY! Here's what I got so far... I'm done for the night.

We are going to visit my friend, Hannah in the hospital. About a week ago she starting turning yellow like Jaundice. Well, they took some blood work, ran tests and they have found 2 masses. Please pray for her as they figure out what's wrong. She's only 26 years old and her husband is an police officer!