Party #2!

Today was the party we gave for my dad. We had close friends and family, old bosses and old co-workers come. We hosted it at Tyler's restaurant next to the Durham Bulls stadium. The building is beautiful. You can see just by the pictures!

We had an edible copy made of an electrical inspection report that he fills out everytime he's making an inspection to go on the cake.

We displayed his awards that he's gotten through his career including "Inspector of the Year" award that I wasn't able to be there for to see him get. But yesterday at his work party, they had it videoed and I got to see it!

I'm looking at this picture and I shouldn't have worn this dress, it makes me look like a beached whale. No joke. But I'll have you know, I got this dress, cardigan, another dress, a skirt and two shirts for FREE at Kohl's with my 5-$10 gift cards! What a deal! (just had to insert that)

This cake was made by a lady I use to work with when I worked at Triangle Ortho. She makes the best cakes EVER. She uses almond flavoring in the icing and it is so good. I had this lady make my parent's 25 anniversary cake and it was out of this world. So we had her makes daddy's! I have been looking forward to eating this for weeks...

The of course after eating this, I felt like a beached whale! LOL

We had a FUN day and made it back home around 9 pm tonight!