LLC and a Video...

Tomorrow I will officially become "Just Simply Dainty". I will be licensed! Isn't that just neato?!

Meet my Nana! I thought I would share with you this extremely short video of her. We were walking around getting videos for my dad's retirement DVD yesterday and we tried to get her to say something but she was embarrassed. She's so funny. She's such a "little Nana". I love her to death. She's so funny and just so cute. I grew up the next street over from my grandparents and we would ALWAYS go shopping together, go out to eat and she took me on my first cruise when I was 15. She was the one that got me stuck on loving shoes SO much. So, meet my Nana! Again, it's extremely short and we're just trying to get her to talk into the camera but she's shy like me!



Mom said...

Cute little Nana...Lots of us were too shy, weren't we?? Lots of fun - thanks bunches for everything!!