My Favo Flower...

"Summer Daze"

This picture cost me. I was sitting at the front window on Friday afternoon waiting to see my dad pull around the corner and get a picture of him pulling in for the last time. I sat there and waited and waited for 30 mins. Then I decided, "hmm, while I wait I'll take a picture of the favo flower", then I looked up and there he was, it was too late-I couldn't get the picture. Stink! But this is what I got.

This is how I travel. I wanted to show you my case I use when I travel. I got this at Joann's for $12.50! It was originally $24.99 and I had a 50% off coupon! Gotta love those deals! It's a 3 layer carrying case that snaps in and out place. I don't bring EVERY single thing when I travel so this is perfect for what I do bring!