I have had to remind myself every day to actually pray and ask the Lord to help me sell my flowers. I get so crazy busy with every other thing going on that I forget to "just pray about it." I've been working hard at contacting consignment shops in VA, MD and now onto NC. Where will I draw that line? No line is drawn, until I get frazzled... which I could be drawing that line sooner than later.
I'm having to ALSO tell myself (and Larry telling me too) to slow down, it's only been a little over a month since I've started selling these. My Larry has done a wonderful job at designing my website which will hopefully be up in the next couple of weeks. Just wait... he has done a WONDERFUL job at desiging it just like I want it to be. It's just "Dainty!" He's so good to me, he's so talented, he can do ANTHING just like my dad can and if he doesn't know how to do it, he figures it out.
I am currently working with 5 shops now, possibly 6. Thank you Lord that when I ask to sell something today, that you give me a whole shop who will sell THEM for me. He is always, one step ahead of us!