Emealz! Something Fun and Easy...

I got an email regarding this from a friend a few weeks ago and I didn't have a chance to take a look at it. Then another friend of mine said she's been trying it and she LOVES it! Some of you may have heard of it before but if you haven't, here's what it is!

This website provides meal plans for ever how many you have in your family. You can pick whether you want low far, low carb, regular, etc. It will make your shopping list for the week for only $1.25 per week! You can pick a specific store like I did, Wal-Mart on their website or you can choose "any store". Since I picked Wal-Mart, it gave me the prices of EVERY item and what my total would be if I were to shop for all of the meals that week. The list is grouped in sections like dairy, bread, fresh produce, etc.

The recipes are EASY. They call for EASY stuff and EASY directions. That's what I need. Since we're not home every night for every meal, I think I'll be able to stretch my 7 days into two weeks. With this, I don't have to come up a meal plan or come up with a grocery list... it's all provided for me.

Dave Ramsey advertises this all the time on his radio show and it's HIGHLY recommended. So! Here's the website below! If you have done this, let me know how you like it!


And speaking of cooking, I got a magazine in the mail today from LTD Commodities and I just LOVE this apron!