This is a catch up post... it's been busy, but what's new! That's ok, all I can say is God has been SO GOOD to us. If I could go into detail, I would, but we are just so thankful for His goodness. He has blessed me so much in my flower business and for that alone, I'm grateful! It's so good knowing that when you're in center of God's will, how much He blesses beyond imagination!

To start off, last week we celebrated my 28th YES my 28th birthday. I'm getting less fond of birthdays especially knowing I'm only 2 years away from the big 3-0. I don't know how I will handle that but I'm just going to enjoy my 20s while I'm still there. But these were the BEAUTIFUL sunflowers Larry gave me! They're H.U.G.E.!

We went to my favorite place for supper, Cheesecake Factory of course! I would have it no other way. MMMM! And would you believe, I didn't even eat my cheesecake there?! We took it home and I ate HALF of it that night then the rest the next night. I've really been working on my sugar in take so I just spread it out over two days. I think I enjoyed it better that way too :)

I got my 'All You' magazine in the mail over the weekend and I found this recipe for this candy corn look alike cake. I've gotta find some reason to make this! Isn't it just SO CUTE? How do they come up with these things?


JCB Design Studio said...

The sunflowers are GORGEOUS Kara!