Shoes & Purses, Purses & Shoes!

Tonight I'll be attempting my second soccer ball cake for a friend of mine who's birthday is Thursday. I'm hoping this one will go smoother than the last one.

I'm loving our weather here STILL. It's crisp and cool in the mornings and it's so nice! Even walking in the evenings aren't bad with the heat.

We've made plans to go to the beach in October... so way looking forward to that :) I LOVE the beach in October. A friend of ours has a condo that we're going to get to stay at. YAY YAY!

We've also made plans for our Thanksgiving and Christmas... we won't be traveling as much this year like in previous years. Sad but gotta save the $$...

Have I mentioned how much I love my Thursdays and Fridays? I LOVE BE A PTSAHW (part-time stay at home wife :)

Phases: I jump from shoes to purses from purses back to shoes and so forth. But I ALWAYS stay on clothes :) So I had to show you the shoes I recently got. So my feet have shrunk and I'm at the last size right before the stores won't carry my size anymore. SIZE 6. I was all the way up to a 7.5 at one point. How does this happen? Anyways, I never can find heels that fit perfect... until I found these and I'm NUTS over them...

The ones I got were actually BLACK and they are adorable. Like em A LOT!

And here's the next pair I'm eye-balling. I'm really liking the new horse riding boots that were really big last year. I LIVE in my boots during the winter time. The only problem is, BLACK OR BROWN? Guess I need to look at my wardrobe.