Thursday Misc. Stuff...

This morning started off with having to go into work-it was picture day and I really didn't want to wait until the end of the year for makeups, so I just went in real quick and came back home. I had lunch plans with a friend but something came up so she couldn't make it. Then Larry told me he would meet me for lunch... well that took him forever just to get out of the office for lunch so I ran to a Kohl's and Target for a little shopping!

I'm liking the flats that are out right now. I got these adorable shoes today and I can't wait to wear them:)

And I thought I would share the recipe we had for supper tonight. It's 3 ingredients and its so way easy!

Ham-n-Cheese Bake Roll Up

13.8 oz can pizza crust
1/2 lb shaved ham
8 oz pkg sliced cheese

Spread crust on sprayed baking sheet as large as you can.
Layer with ham and cheese. Roll up lengthwise; spray top with cooking spray. Bake as pkg directs. Slice; serve

That's it! It actually took about 30-35 minutes to cook and the package called for 18 minutes. So I would watch it closely. I had to cut it open to see that the dough in the middle wasn't done yet.