The First Day...

Here we are... the first day of school in the office, my new home. Honestly, it wasn't as chaotic as I thought!!

And here's my Larry hard at work :)


Jessica said...

I LOVE the ways we can serve the is SO important!!

Anyhow, I wanted to let you know...this is Jessica over at where you placed your order for a new blog design. I tried to reply to your e-mail but it says your e-mail inbox is full so my e-mail was returned. I'll try to keep your order form for another week or so just in case you are able to reply to me then we can keep you in the queue...otherwise feel free to try to place your order again anytime. If you'll go to the contact form on our site and let me know when you have cleared out your inbox for me to send you the order status then I can send that over do you but it needs to be within the next week if possible or you'll need to place the order again.

Thanks and God Bless!! :)