Do I Gotta Go Back?

I have to admit, having 6 days off in a row has been so nice. It's been busy but that's ok, I don't mind being busy at home :) Larry got to take Friday and Monday off with me. Monday we had the tests done on the land and the guy got back with us today and said so far, it's looking good for building on.There were concerns of caverns being on the land but so far, they haven't found anything! Yay!

Although building is a ways down the road, Larry asked me the other day if there was one thing extra that I just really WANT in the house, what would it be? I think he was thinking I would want a swimming pool( ha! yea right!) or maybe a fancy carpet through out the whole house... no it's simply this that I'm just dying to have in my kitchen:

To me, it just makes a kitchen POP. Not specifically the copper but I def want a stainless steel vent!

It's supposed to rain tonight and I just LOVE sleeping with the sound of rain coming down!

Well, tomorrow, it's back to work!


Anonymous said...

We have a vent in our kitchen and love it! Totally completes the look of the kitchen!

A Love Worth Waiting For.... said...

That is GORGEOUS!! And I totally agree with you..I think it makes the kitchen POP!