Busy Times... No Kidding

I've neglected my blog... it's just been so crazy! So here's what's been going on!

-We're getting ready for our Thanksgiving trip next week to Florida... CAN NOT WAIT

-I haven't posted anything on the land because WE BACKED OUT OF OUR CONTRACT about two weeks ago. Long story short, the HOA's required us to pay THEM alone $10,000 just to build. No Way! So thankfully, we only wasted $2,000 on land testing, it could have been worse. No big deal. It wasn't the Lord's will. And we're glad.

-So that brings us to where we are today. We have put two contracts on two different townhomes. We JUST NEED SPACE PEOPLE!!! It's just us two and the dogs but I have flowers EVERYWHERE-so that's not really why!!! We are just ready for more room... like yesterday:) So please pray with us that we are able to get one... if not we'll continue shopping, it's not anything pressing so that's a good thing. We will keep the townhome we are in now and just rent it out for the time being, ride the market up and then sell it.

So here are some pictures of the 2 townhouses... which DOES NOT anything. I have a feeling this process could go a long time :) But it's still fun!




Ashley said...

Love the townhouses! I love to look at houses even if it's just for fun!