Christmas Day!

This year was one of the many "firsts"... we had to travel back to VA on Christmas day. BUMMER! I've never had to do that before but since everybody else on church staff was gone except for Pastor, we had to be back. So last night we left around 6. and got home at 10 last night. We ran into snow for the first two hours of our drive and came home to none. They were calling for some today but the storm shifted and we're getting some now but not the 8 inches my parents got!
Unfortunately I didn't take any pics of us opening our gifts yesterday. I'm still one for staying in my pj's and opening gifts when we wake up. Ya'll aren't seeing pics of me like that LOL!

Here's my fun t-shirt I got at Gigi's cupcakes Thursday :)

We got to skype Larry's parents and all of the grandkids... that was so fun. They were all showing us what Santa brought them! Gotta love technology!

And I made the famous bread pudding. Our Pastor's wife makes the best bread pudding and I snagged the recipe from a friend of mine. It was SO GOOOOOOOD!

This was Larry's idea-it turned out cute. Yea, we're tree huggers :)

Merry Christmas to you from the Wright's!


Ashley said...

That Bread pudding looks SINFULL! Love the tree hugging pic by the way ;)

Karen At Home said...

Merry Christmas Kara!! I love the t shirt!!!!

Misty said...

I LOVE your cupcake shirt.

Are you willing to share your bread pudding recipe???

Kara Wright said...

Yep! Sending it your way!