Family Time!

Have I mentioned how much I just LOVE my camera? It's AWESOME... well it's mostly my lens that does all the work :) Maybe one day I'll learn how to use it better!

Last night I got to skip cantata practice (the hot director told me I could-which was Larry :) and hang out with my family. We got to go grab a bite to eat then while Larry went to practice, we ran home, let the dogs out and brought them with us. The last time my grandparents were here was for our wedding. So they got to see our current house and we then drove over to show them the house we're wanting. I just loved the neighborhood ALL LIT up for Christmas time! It was just lovely!

We then went over to Kenneth's house and hung out until Larry was finished! This is Kenneth's tree. He had some friend girls come over and decorate his house for Christmas and they did an AWESOME job! :)

Kenneth's house was a bit cold, but DEFINITELY not as cold as ours!! Our house is currently 55 degrees but hey, our electric bill was ONLY $45 last month! We do have a heater in our room so it's VERY toasty in there!

She love Nana!

They look so thrilled get their picture taken...

And she loves Pa!

And they're off taking their tour of the White House today :)