It Snowed Today...

Yes! We got our first snow of the season and it was pretty but it didn't last long and it didn't stick. That's ok, we have WAY too much going on for that right now. If it waits for after Christmas, that'll be GREAT!

MY CHRISTMAS SHOPPING IS DONE! Yes! It's done. We started our morning with having breakfast at McDonalds then when to the mall.

Today found the WARMEST coat at JC Penny's for only $50! It's a multi-layered coat and it's pink and brown. I love it. It's just perfect for the cold. All my other coats are more "stylish" than warm so while I was talking to a friend in the store, he went over and found me one! Glad I saw my friend in the mall or he wouldn't have stopped to look for me one :) He's so nice.

We then grabbed a bit for lunch at Quiznos... we haven't had that in a while! Then we rode over to look at a townhouse that is on the market... it was nice but still like ours better.

We decided to decorate a little bit for Christmas. We did a little bit outside too since we had the singles come over from our church and sang Christmas carols! It was so nice:) We just sat on the front porch with the dogs and listened. Sierra growled a little but she managed to listen. Such a goober.

We then ordered Dominos for supper, I love their pizza.

We have cantata practice tomorrow and then our staff Christmas party at Bone Fish. One of our most FAVORITE restaurants. Since Pastor and his wife are in the middle of building their house it won't be there this year!

I have people come up to me all the time with ideas for my flowers. They'll tell me they've seen them on cups, necklaces, hats, etc. and they want me to try making what they have seen. So here's one of their ideas! A flower on a mug and I thought it was a GREAT idea! Just makes me want to start drinking coffee:)

Well, off to make more flowers... the story of my life!


Tami said...

Hi! I'm a new follower from Lyndie's giveaway blog. Your blog is adorable!

The Vernon's said...

Hey hun! Can you email me your address? I'm sure you've given it to me before, but I can't find it!

Thanks! I hope you're doing well! Love you!!